Wabi-Sabi Historia stylu i rola w projektowaniu wnętrz

After my forest article (link >>>), with his mention also on instagram @decoriastudio_interiordesign, I come back to you with the next dose of sensitive to beauty. Who of you have, who of you dream about cozy living room, tasteful kitchen, comfortable bathroom? The coziness, taste and comfort are largely give the nature, that is natural wood. Wood in interior design has different application, including wooden floor, wooden beams on the ceiling, wooden door, wooden table, wooden table top, ect. We love wood, we feel good in it surroundings, we invite it to our interior. Currently however, following statements of many…

Las, projektowanie wnętrz

Let’s go deeper … Look, feel, touch, taste, lose yourself … The forest is an amazing miracle of nature. Plants, which create it, creating the most wonderful space and this space gives life. While in nature, we can breathe fresh air and admire beautiful, diverse greenery. So the forest is good for body and soul. Walk in the forest is extraordinary wealth of sensations, stimulation of all human senses. Looking at everything around us, we connect with nature and this gives the best rest, respite, delight. Do you feel it like that? The forest is our green lungs, it is…

Kafle ceramiczne

Like every architect, I try to create a non-obvious space that it will surprise you and which it will make us say the word: WOW! But are every architect’s designs really like that? However, do we notice a certain repeatability and standardization in designing? I’m afraid that, unfortunately, is the case with most ideas. We have many designers on the market, many companies, which is certainly associated with a lot of competition. However, as an architect working also in this industry, and strongly involved in manual work. I want to come up with a new idea. I’m aware of the…

Patrycja Tachmańska Projektowanie wnętrz


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