Idea of DECORIA STUDIO is a manifestation of love and great sensitivity to nature, which fascinates and inspires me in the broad sense. It is a beautiful material for creating original arrangements in the field of design pattern solutions for interiors and florist.

I am the author of this idea. Everyone calls me a young, ambitious, creatively involved designer and decorator. Thank you so much to everyone for identifying me with such a person. My name is Patrycja Tachmańska. I am an interior designer, landscape architect and florist by education. Schools, that I graduated from: Academy of Fine Arts with specialization in styling, arrangement and interior decoration, Warsaw University of Life Sciences in the field of landscape architecture and additional floristic courses with a passed state floristic exam.

My passion manifests of huge love for COLORS and PATTERNS taken FROM NATURE, which I decided to use in interior design. My desire to create in the interior design industry led me to make outstanding design ideas.

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In Decoria Studio Interior Design, I DESIGN INTERIORS, often enriching them with my designer CERAMIC TILES. I try to make MY PROJECTS AND PRODUCTS STAND OUT from others :).

I will be happy to help you create a functional and cozy interior. As a designer with imagination (which is essential in creation), I design interiors, but in addition to the design itself, I can also offer support in planning renovations and supervising the work of the construction team. 

Projektowanie wnętrz
Projektowanie wnętrz
Projektowanie wnętrz

The advantage of working with a designer is also the selection of appropriate materials. I realize that the number of companies offering finishing products can be dizzying. Therefore, I invite you to cooperate even more. I have my own selection of proven materials and products that I use. I have many samples and patterns that I combine with each other. Thanks to them, I choose colors and materials for the selected interior. Together we can also consider a specific choice, select shades, etc. But I will definitely tell you which colors and materials work best! Then I translate it into 3D visualizations. Then it’s easier to imagine it. Next, I create technical documentation for contractors, not only layout from the top, but also detailed drawings of custom-made structures, etc. If something is not understandable, I will always explain it. In addition, I use a platform where I create individual access for the Investor and there we comment and consult everything. This makes work very easy.

Therefore, I encourage you to cooperate!
Yours creatively,
mgr inż. arch. Patrycja Tachmańska

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