1. Each tiles is a separate tile, but put together it creates a compact mosaic. We can cut tiles, but we need professional equipment for cutting porcelain or stone.


1. We should use white, flexible and quick-setting mortars intended for laying tiles.

2. In case of any doubts, for example glue may permanently discolor the tile, it isn’t worth risking. Unfortunately, due to use the wrong glue discoloration of their surfaces is permanent and impossible to level.

3. Before sticking tiles, we should properly prepare substrate on clean, even, stable ground with humidity up to 4%.

4.During assembly we should strictly observe the instructions of glue manufacturer. Wrong using of adhesive mortars can damage tiles. The glue should be selected in terms of parameters. After gluing tiles, we have to extend time of absorption about 5 days.

5. We should smoothly applied the glue on the surface of tile with the work. It should be quite dark, without a thick layer, that the glue doesn’t go outside the surface of tile after installation their. However, if a small amount of glue comes out of the tile, immediately remove the glue from the sides.


1. We should use fine-grained joints for mosaics.

2. Grouting we should start after completely connected the tile with the glue, or at least 5 days after gluing.

3. We can use an epoxy grout or a cement grout for grouting. In the case of first grout we should wait at least 7 days, while second grout at least 5 days.

4. In the case of color joint and dark ones on light tiles or light ones on dark tiles, for the first we should try on a sample. It’s important to wait 3 days for verify, that the glue won’t stain the enamel.

5. However, we recommend to lay tiles without joints. This will result unity and communication for entire mosaic and this is associated with better effect of the selected pattern and color of the while.

6. During joints we should use rubber and soft work. Remember we always should follow the instruction given on the package.

7. After applying the grout, we should clean the surface with clean sponge and water.