The order completion time is approximately 30 working days from the moment of the payment, which is accepted on our bank account or choosing cash on delivery.

We send invoices electronically on the day when the payment is accepted on our bank account.

Unfortunately, we don’t sell stationary. You can order our products though our website. You can check patterns on samples, when you can order before.

Due to the raised patterns on surfaces of tiles, all tiles are wall tiles.

Yes, they are resistant to getting wet and higher air humidity.

Generally yes, but we don’t recommend using them outside, because of too high temperature extremes during the year.

We recommend the manufacturer’s grout: Ceresit, WIM, Atlas.

We recommend the highly flexible geoflex from Atlas.

The choice of the color of the grout is an individual matter. However, we recommend using grouts, which are similar to the color of tiles or are match to the color of walls, furniture or other accessories.

The tile should be cut with a sharp tool, for example you can use an angle grinder with diamond disc, which is intended for cutting greus.

Our tiles we can clean with household solutions, such as dishwashing liquid. However, you shouldn’t use lotions and other bleaches, it may stain the surface of the tile. Due to raised patterns on tiles, we should clean slowly and precisely.

For cleaning grouts we recommend household solutions, such us dishwashing liquid. We shouldn’t use any bleaches in order to protect the edges of tiles from unwanted bleaching.

Please don’t use any impregnation, it can damage the enemal.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, on our website, we have the option of calculation needed number of tiles in relation to the surface, to which they will be glued. Please count the required pieces carefully.